Are you a lightworker?

You don’t have to take this question seriously.

But I visit a lot of sites that use this term all the time.

I don’t like the term that much. There is something spongy and amorphous about it. I would not employ it when referring to myself. But, when people refer to it, what are they talking about?

Pick your definition

I found a LOT of interpretations of this term on the web.

Here is one that is simple and succinct: Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread Light – knowledge, freedom and self-love – on earth.

These words are attributed to a being named Jeshua. They were channeled. Here’s the site:

The concept of “Light” is related to the the concept of “enlightenment.” A secular definition of enlightenment is: The process of becoming informed by learning facts and meanings. I adapted this from my dictionary.

This in turn relates to the Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that saw its peak in the mid-1700s, and in turn to the Illuminati, a group formed in Germany in 1776.

The term is very evocative. I get a picture of a guy standing with his arms open, and beams of light shining down on him from above. It also conjures up concepts that seem to have been co-opted (taken over) by persons with less than pure intentions. That gives me the creeps a little bit.

Am I a lightworker?

I am a member of a group, that – per its promotional materials, and per my personal experience – is actively working towards the following list of goals:

  • Lowering the command value of the reactive mind (programming).
  • Beings who no longer have a reactive mind.
  • Increase the command value of the analytical mind (the spirit).
  • Beings who are at cause over life.
  • A planet on which honest beings have rights, and are free to rise to greater heights.
  • Getting human rights taught in schools.
  • Restoring ethics to the field of mental health.
  • Telling the truth about drug use.
  • Rehabilitating drug addicts.
  • Getting a non-religious moral code into use world wide.
  • Rehabilitating criminals.
  • Getting a workable technology of study (education) into use world wide.
  • Solving problems in business.
  • Helping people increase their competence and ability in any of the following areas of life:
  1. Handling drug addiction.
  2. Assisting others who are ill or injured.
  3. Organizing people.
  4. Handling suppression.
  5. Children.
  6. Communicating.
  7. Understanding people.
  8. Understanding the parts of life.
  9. Using the Emotional Tone Scale.
  10. Ethics.
  11. Public Relations.
  12. Conflict Resolution.
  13. Honesty and Integrity.
  14. Investigations.
  15. Marriage.
  16. Handling dangerous environments.
  17. Planning.
  18. Studying, learning and education.
  19. Working.

Is this an organization composed of “lightworkers?” Well, you’ll have to decide that for yourself. We don’t call ourselves that. We just call ourselves “Scientologists.” But don’t worry; if you’re a lightworker and want to help, we’re cool with that.


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One Response to “Are you a lightworker?”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Where is the limit of takers?
    Cause and effect repeat itself . egocentric takers thieves of energy

    This is an interesting comment. Looks like English is a second language for Ahmed.
    He seems to be talking about the psychopaths of the world. Some of them even pose as “good” people but prove otherwise by their actions. They are a very big problem here on Earth. Understanding the subject of Ethics is the beginning to learning how to handle them.

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