What If: The Young Don’t Want to Work?

This is a guest “What If” article spotted by the folks at InfoWars.com, which I frequent.

What If the Young Won’t Work?

Though I am not “young” I have experienced this. After about 35 years of working, 25 of that much more than full time, I’d kind of like to be able to chill for a while.

Let’s see what my teacher has to say about our young people:

“The basic difficulty with all juvenile delinquency is the one-time apparently humane program of forbidding children to labor in any way…”

“Forbidding children to work … creates … a state of mind in the teenager that ‘the world does not want him’ and he has already lost his game before he has begun it.”

“And when he, at length, is faced with the necessity of making his own way in the world, he rises into an apathy and does nothing about it at all.”

The Problems of Work, starting on p. 104.

So there you go. Find things for people to do, or they’ll turn criminal on you. Hey – makes a nice recruiting pool for the criminals that contributed so much to causing this mess (and many messes before it).


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