My Other Blog

I started a second blog on Blogger (just for variety) where I try to put articles that are broader and more speculative than those on this blog.

Though Scientology basics mixed with data from ET contacts (others’, not mine) are the core inspiration for these articles, I try to put as much of me in them as I can. After all, the blog is called My Universe.

My most recent posts at My Universe include:

My Church Speaks Out

Link to the Freedom Magazine website, for the other side of the story behind the crazy rumors you hear, with some comments.

My Teacher’s Viewpoint

L. Ron Hubbard’s viewpoint on what’s more important and what’s less important and why.

Running Out of Breathing Room?

Another LRH quote, this time referencing his whole track recall of how civilizations such as ours progress. A chilling kick in the butt.


A very speculative article, with three illustrations, on how what we know today as biological life might have actually “evolved.”

On this blog, I am trying something different regarding comments. There is a “Comments” page. All it is is comments. If I remember right, moderation is turned off, so your comments just post. (The Life Force Blog is moderated.)


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