A piece of my mind.

In American slang, to give someone “a piece of your mind” means to speak sternly or angrily to them for doing something wrong.


  1. The Simon Parkes interview. This dates from about a year ago, but was recently linked to in a blog I follow.
  2. The Rachel Corrie judgement. I had never heard of Rachel Corrie. In 2003, someone got into a huge bulldozer in Gaza at a site were she was protesting and ran her over, piling debris on top of her, then backed up to let her friends take her damaged body out of the rubble. On the 28th of August this year an Israeli court ruled that this murder was an “accident” that she could have avoided by getting out of the way of the bulldozer.

Simon Parkes in a nutshell

Simon is an English gentleman just a few years younger than myself. He has been in contact with several ETs his whole life. He has learned of their actions on earth and their plans for the planet, and now intends to write a book about this. This video interview is 4 hours long and of quite good quality. The last hour is a regression session.

He speaks knowledgeably of the Mantids, the Reptilians, the Tall Greys, the Small Greys, a feline-like race and some others. He believes they are waiting for us to kill ourselves off so they can re-populate the planet with various hybrid body types.

My lecture in brief

When I went to bed last night, I felt the need to make something clear to the various groups who secretly want to rid earth of humans.

So I imagined that I was speaking to them, and that they could here me.

In brief, I told them the following:

  • I don’t care if you can’t hear me.
  • I don’t care if you aren’t listening.
  • I wish to tell you these things anyway.
  • The body is like a pet.
  • We have a responsibility to take good care of it, to keep it healthy.
  • You would not let someone walk up to your pet and try to kill it without doing anything, would you?
  • Wouldn’t your pet’s screams of pain and cries for help upset you?
  • Wouldn’t you try to do something to save your pet?
  • This is why on earth we have an agreement that it is wrong to murder.
  • Some say there are too many pets on this planet.
  • That this planet does not have resources to take care of all those pets.
  • But does that justify killing them?
  • You say you are the elite. But there are rumors that you are secretly plotting to kill us. Do not the various armed conflicts serve to support these rumors? Does not the spread of poverty in countries that once prospered support these rumors? Do not some of your own reports and words of your advisers support these rumors? Do not historical facts support these rumors?
  • You may say that, being a part of the elite, you have higher concerns than ordinary people, and that the rest of us should respect your decisions in such matters.
  • But with beingness comes responsibility for right action.
  • If one wishes to be of the elite, then one must assume the responsibilities of such a position.
  • And one such responsibility is to arrange things so that all those in your assigned area are well cared for.
  • Do you not agree with this? Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps we are not pets to you, but merely things.
  • If this is how you think, then that is unacceptable. This may have been an acceptable attitude at one time. It no longer is. If you insist on having this attitude, then your beingness is false, and you don’t deserve it.
  • I understand that, from this point of view, your past is strewn with grand mistakes of judgement.
  • But those are times gone by. There is no reason for you to continue in that rut.
  • You can recover from those mistakes. That is why things have changed. That is why I am telling you this.
  • You can recover from those mistakes, and you must. If you cannot, you will be replaced by those who can. This is how things are now.

Knowledge and Mistakes

I realized that the human race had a problem.

It is summarized in this aphorism: “We must learn from our mistakes.”

Too many of us are unable to learn from our mistakes. This bars us from the knowledge we must have to make progress. And it makes us feel more and more defeated.

Hubbard found a way around this. He found a way for us to recover from, and learn from, our past mistakes. All insanity really is is too many mistakes. All ignorance really is is a mistake. All unhappiness really comes from is making too many mistakes and seeing no way to recover from them.

Hubbard also gave us guidance on how to make fewer mistakes. It is called The Way to Happiness. He wrote it in 1980. It is widely used around the world today. It has been translated into well over 100 languages.

One thing I told “them” is that they need to read, understand, and apply that book. I told this to them many times. This would be their first step towards taking responsibility. And their next step would be to get 100 others to do the same thing. I assigned this task to them.

The Future

If we have a future, it will be because we took responsibility for it.

A few days ago, I began writing a post that listed out all the websites that inform the public about what my church is doing to take responsibility for the future.

But I have hesitated to publish it. I thought that it would probably just be ignored; that most people aren’t yet aware that the future depends on what they know and do, not just what somebody else knows and does.

If something happens to change that, I will publish those links. For now, those interested will just have to find them themselves. I hope some of you will, and that you will let me know what happened.


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