Uncomfortably Close: Case Study in Suppression

…I would point out that these stories avail the reader with a unique opportunity to see how an insane person operates when given executive authority and what can happen as a result.

My Church Speaks Out

(I link to the actual source articles in my other blog, to encourage readers to visit it.)

In the not-too-distant past, my church published a series of articles through its public-facing magazine Freedom. These concern the activities of several ex-staff, in particular a man named Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

You can read about his and the others’ exploits in the articles, if you wish. My purpose here is to point out a few bits of data revealed in these articles by way of demonstrating how difficult this problem is to get under control.

Tell the Truth

It is a basic teaching in Scientology that with honesty comes success. It is necessary for a preclear to be honest with his or her auditor for case progress to be made, and it is necessary for staff members to be honest with each other for an organization to prosper and expand.

And for a society to work, it is necessary for the information it uses to operate on be as truthful as possible. Can you imagine a nation deciding to attack another country based on information that said country had attacked it, or was about to, and then later learning that this information was totally false? What loss of energy and life could occur as the result of such an untruth! Such things have happened on this planet. And this is why it is so important for the news media of a society to seek truth in its reporting. Those organizations have a huge responsibility to society in this regard. That responsibility is currently being neglected.

Men or women who are afraid to be truthful, who lie to protect their personal interests, or who compulsively deceive others in the fancied belief that this is necessary to survival, are the enemies of peace, progress, prosperity, and understanding on earth (or anywhere else). It behooves any group of any size to have a way to detect such persons and remove them from the vital communication lines of the group, so that their lies do not impede, damage, or destroy the group. These articles from my church vividly point this out.

If you agree with these basic principles, I urge you to lend your support to these values by composing a tweet to this effect and including hashtag #GUYTTT.

How much to tell?

We have all made embarrassing mistakes that we would prefer not be widely known. What is the make-break point between privacy and a criminal cover-up?

If a datum, revealed, would do little more than ruin a reputation or compromise one’s personal security (such as your PIN numbers) then it should be protected. Only criminals would seek and use such data, and there is a word for that: Blackmail.

But if you have done something that will affect your family, your group, your country or your planet, it is your responsibility to make that known and take corrective action.

An honest being who does this as a habit need not go public with every error. It is only necessary to inform those who need to know in order to implement a corrective handling. If one of those turns out to be part of the problem, then that person may use your admission to get rid of you. Well, if that is how that group operates, then you are better off not being a member. These articles reveal how a church executive, in attempting to cover his own butt, got several innocent staff members fired or demoted. You can imagine how destructive this could be.

If a whole planet operated that way, you could have a real problem. I hope it will not get to that here on earth.

What causes dishonesty?

To say that dishonesty is a sign of moral weakness may be true, but is not a very useful observation. If we assume that people are natively quite moral (and we have every reason to believe this) then there must be some process by which they lose this quality, when they do.

Well, this is one of the subjects that Scientology addresses.

This article is not meant to be a Scientology lesson. However, the Freedom articles point out some interesting facts which are worth mentioning.

Trauma in the Womb

The church was able to learn that Marty’s mother, when pregnant with him, had been subjected to Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT). Shock therapy in itself is a considerable crime against the body and the spirit, as it has no purpose but to injure. But to do it on a pregnant woman? That should be a felony!

If you have ever read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health you know why. The fetus shares in all its mother’s experiences!

Study problems

In Scientology, knowing how to study is considered very important, and all members must take a course in this. On this course, we learn that going by a misunderstood word will tend to make the student feel blank, then lose interest. Subsequently the student may try to remove themselves from the subject being studied by falling asleep or physically leaving. There is a whole page in Freedom Magazine devoted to how often Mike Rinder would fall asleep. Any Scientologist would suspect from this that he had major unhandled misunderstood words.

Scientology organizations are designed to detect and handle problems such as severe case problems or study problems. But the system relies on the willingness of the person having problems to be corrected. If a staff member is trying to protect certain secrets, he may be able to successfully refuse technical help by claiming he is “too busy on important actions” to spend the time to get fixed up. If it gets to that, such a staff member is nearing the end. His secrets will eventually come out, unless he successfully departs before he is asked to come clean.

And the non-Scientology world?

Much of the non-Scientology world turns to the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience for the answers to its problems with dishonesty.

Of these three disciplines, only psychology (literally “study of the spirit”) has a chance of finding the answer. And so far, it has not, being bullied by psychiatry to be “scientific” and so turn its back on the very subject (the spirit) that holds the answers to these questions.

Psychiatry has never been an honest subject, the province of witch doctors and mind control experts since the very dawn of time. Neuroscience has been dragged into the mud by psychiatry. At one time it came close to discovering the spiritual nature of the mind, but was shamed into turning away from such ideas.

Uncomfortably Close

I was in the Sea Org during the same years that Mike and Marty were considered very important people in the church. I knew their faces and have been in the same room with both of them briefly. It is awful for me to learn what has become of them.

L. Ron Hubbard’s leadership style was based on trust, and giving able people a second chance. Some would say this is a weakness in the church. But I don’t think so. For on the other side of trust is the truth. The Sea Org has thousands of members. They are trusted to do their jobs, and most of them do. By doing their jobs they prove they are worthy of that trust. And those who fail in their jobs prove that they were not worthy. If they had not at first been trusted, the truth about them would not have emerged.

No one in an organization, nor in life, is expected to be perfect. But for life and groups to work, trust must be granted so that the trustworthy can be identified. If you are trusted with a job, and learn to do it well, you earn a place of respect in the group or in life. If you betray that trust, instead of honestly admitting your mistakes or weaknesses, then respect for you lessens. That is how things must be.


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