Before Earth

“The odd part of these incidents to the preclear is that he is usually not guilty of anything, not aware of having offended. He is simply recruited, is brought in, is sentenced to be transported and goes to a new area.”
History of Man (1952) p.106

If you assume that we are, in essence, immortal spiritual beings. And if you assume that this solar system is only a few billion years old. Then each of us must have some experience with “before earth.”

I bring to the table three viewpoints on this subject.

Assuming each of these three sources is not lying, what you see in the range of data presented probably has to do with what each society (represented by that source) is able – or willing – to remember about the past.

This is all “space opera.” If you think this has no bearing on our current reality, well, fine. But it does. And if you are curious about this subject, I think you have good reason to be.

However, this data, of course, is totally non-verifiable. We can cross-verify it to some extent, assuming each source is being relatively honest. But the ultimate verification will only come about when everyone is able to remember and everyone is willing to be honest about what they remember.

And I mean EVERYONE.


“…the Galactic Confederation is up against a problem of great magnitude. It’s run out of OTs.” (The Free Being, lecture of 9 July 1963, CD version, Section 10, paragraph 6 of transcript.)

Let’s start with my teacher, L. Ron Hubbard.

I do not have a complete record of what he has written and spoken on this subject. I haven’t listened to it all yet. I haven’t read it all yet. And though that could be said of any of these sources, it is particularly important with LRH, as this subject was not his focus, so you have to glean bits here and there from his training lectures mostly.

One famous lecture, which all us “nuts” refer to, is the one quoted above. It lasts for over an hour and it has a lot to say in terms of what sort of societies the current population of earth comes from. But of course all this data is based on what preclears (people who get auditing) have been able to remember. It is not based on other technologies like remote viewing or regressive hypnosis. But Hubbard’s findings are supported by researchers who have used these other technologies, such as Courtney Brown (Remote Viewing) and Robert T. James (regressive hypnosis).

To paint a background picture: Hubbard finds the history of beings in this universe to be quite long and quite varied, but distinguished by a pattern of trading integrity and “innate goodness” for material experience. This has lead to a general spiritual deterioration, which he calls the “downward spiral.” We started, in “native state” as “OTs” (operating thetans), spiritual beings who could create energy and matter at will and exercised a wide sphere of control over their own “universes.” If another being stumbled into such a universe and messed around with it, that was generally grounds for a fight. This basic pattern has continued, but with the spiritual component getting less and less, and the material component increasing.

A very important group in this sector, for a rather indeterminate amount of time (trillions of earth years?) has been the Galactic Confederation. Whether this is basically the same as the Galactic Federation of Light remains to be seen, but it sounds similar.

LRH describes the Galactic Confederation as being organized on the basis of spiritual ability, with “limited OTs” at the top, beings with doll bodies at commander level, and meat body beings at lower levels.

As stated in the quote, this civilization has run out of OTs because they keep making trouble, which usually results in them being “knocked out.” They have no way, in spite of all their talk of “Ascension,” to rehabilitate such a being after it has been disabled by their “knockout” technology.

As far as earth goes, LRH reports that it has served as a “dumping ground” (as described above) for many thousands of years. It apparently has been indifferently administered, and was for all intents and purposes abandoned in 1150 AD.

The people of earth come from civilizations that seem stuck in a pattern of materialistic development, followed by destruction and a return to primitive ways, then building back up again. This cycle has repeated so often that it can be predicted like clockwork.

However, with the advent of Scientology on earth, a way out of this cycle has been discovered. Has Hubbard convinced the Confederation to come to earth to learn this technology? Or have they learned of it independently, and intend to steal it from us? Or do they, perhaps, intend to simply quietly wipe us out? From LRH’s famous lecture, this point is not clear.

The Galactic Confederation

Now let’s go to the story from the ET point of view.

My notes in this case are from Sheldan Nidle’s transcripts of the weekly briefings he has been receiving for the last approximately 15 years.

This data is supposed to come from the Sirian “Book of Understanding.”

It tells us that the Sirians came to earth almost a million years ago and established a civilization which they called “Lemuria.” This civilization remained relatively stable until maybe 50,000 years ago, when the various surface settlements were split up for administrative purposes.

About 25,000 years ago, some people in one of these surface settlements, Atlantis, hatched a plot to take over. At about 12,500 years ago, the destruction caused by this plan occurred, wiping out all those former civilizations.

What remained was taken over by what the Sirians call the Annunaki.

Sheldan’s sources claim that key supporters of the Annunaki, the Anchara, were persuaded to become peaceful around 1996. Thus, their former allies on earth became one of the last trouble sources in the entire galaxy. The problem is how to remove them from earth without allowing them to blow the place up first.

The Sirians, through Sheldan and several other contactees, insist they are our friends and that they want us to ascend. Are they really just desperate for a source of OTs to keep their huge federation operating, as the LRH data suggests? I’d really like to know the answer to that one.

The Plejans, formerly the Pleiadians

This data comes from Billy Meier. He got most of it from a girl named Semjase (“sem-jah-zee”) in the 1970’s. So it is not modern, but is quite detailed.

More recently, a person named Cobra claims to be a Pleiadian and speak for them. This could be. But he is incognito, and his data are fragmented, so I am not counting on what he tells us yet.

According to Semjase, her ancestors were from Lyra. They first made contact with the Sol system about 22 million years ago, and settled here seriously about 400,000 years ago. Since then, they have always had a presence here. Around 230,000 years ago, the Lyran home worlds were destroyed by civil war, and the survivors moved to a different star system (I believe in the Pleiades). A similar problem almost destroyed our own solar system about 200,000 years ago. Lyrans re-established colonies in the Sol system about 198,000 years ago, which lasted about 80,000 years. These were mostly composed of exiled criminals. (Sound familiar?)

Around this time, a great queen arose among the Lyrans. Her name was Pleja, and they started calling themselves Plejans. They developed an elite group of spiritually advanced beings called Ishwish who took on leadership roles.

They came back again about 80,000 years ago. The original Great Pyramid was constructed 73,370 years ago. Two others were made at about the same time, in China and Mexico. They were subsequently flooded and covered with sediment.

Another attempt to colonize earth happened about 60,000 years ago. It resulted in wars 6,000 years later which nearly wiped out life here.
Next, the Ishwish Pelegon established a new colony on earth that lasted from 50,000 years ago to 40,000 years ago. At the end of that period earth again returned to savagery.

Meanwhile, among the Plejans, spiritual values had finally overtaken materialism.

A tall blond race called Hyperboreans came to earth about 35,000 years ago, and remain hidden from us to this day (Mount Shasta).

About 30,000 years ago, an Ishwish created the city of Mu in the area now known as the Gobi desert. Atlantis was created soon after. These lasted about 20,000 years. Ishwish Arus invaded earth but retreated to a northern area that has since moved south (Florida?) about 16,000 years ago. The event which led to the legend of Adam and Eve occurred about 15,000 years ago. It involved a scientist named Semjasa.

The Easter Island civilization was created about 13,000 years ago by people from a different star system who were very tall (about as tall as the statues that were made of them).

Meanwhile, Sirians had invaded earth and created settlements in the area of Sumer (Persia). They were a dark-skinned race. They gradually expanded their area of control until it included India and probably most of Africa.

According to Semjase, it was a Sirian infiltration into Mu and Atlantis that caused the destructive conflict that followed. The destruction included a man-made asteroid event that supposedly happened on the 6th of June, 9,498 BC. That would be about 11,500 years ago. This is only 1,000 years different from the date stated by the Sirians themselves. This event actually shifted the earth’s axis of rotation. It was very destructive.

The rule of Jehovan on earth started 50 years later.

Notice here that the Plejans state that Jehovan (the biblical Jehovah) was a Sirian. But the Sirians tell us he was an “evil Annunaki.” Robert Morning Sky also agrees that Jehovah was a Sirian. This does not necessarily mean he was black, but suggests that he was.

As Romans were definitely white, and it is possible that Jesus was also white, we see a possible occult connection between history and the white hatred for the black race, and Persians.

The potential for deception

These are the three best accounts of “before earth” that I am aware of.

Of course, “before earth,” as an incident on your own time track, is unique for each being. But these stories give you some ideas of what you may have been involved with before you started wearing a human body here on earth. Not that the other civilizations mentioned are not also, basically, human. It’s just that they may have also included doll body beings and limited OTs, which we don’t see walking around on earth at this time.

LRH paints a rather ruthless picture of what life was like in the space opera societies that the people he and his students audited remembered.

There was a lot of mind control, and a lot of extreme measures taken to keep populations “under control.” We still carry that baggage around with us. That’s what Scientology auditing tries to handle; that baggage.

But meanwhile, you must live in a society immersed in deception. Not only can’t you remember your past, you are lied to constantly about present time, and you are given largely useless visions of the future. The potential for deception in this environment is immense, and only a dump of all that baggage and a new-found resolve to think and look for oneself could possibly save an individual, a family, a group, or a race from it.

Are you willing to try?


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2 Responses to “Before Earth”

  1. Semjases Friend Says:

    A lot of people have impersonated real Semjase contactees.

    “It was late Spring 2004 when Semjase of the Pleiadian realm came to me. She became a part of me and told me the Truth. She gently instructed me to write down her words she wanted to tell the people of earth who would listen. I did what she asked me to.
    Myself, two family members, and one close friend who is like family all had contact with Semjase and the Pleiadians.
    We created the Semjasebluestar websites together. Like one of my family members said we drew the ire of Billy Meier. He likes his poetic flashes that tend to come even as jokes and about serious things. It’s that Pleiadian side humans sometimes take offense to. We were only telling the truth. We were not building model beamships or making fake photos. We were not telling lies. We were not denying the True Nature of the Creator.
    We were flamed by Billy Meiers groups and made fun of because we told the truth.
    It is sad when people deny the truth. It is sad when people believe lies that take their hearts away from the Love of the Creator, the Holy One Jesus Christ.
    It is equally sad when those who know the Truth only know it in a small portion and block out many truths of the truth. It is sad when people deny.
    Semjase is free and eternal and in service to God the One. Semjase isn’t going away anytime soon. Semjase can choose who she wants to communicate with. Humans tend to be selfish and think ‘mine, mine, mine’ and you can’t have it, like little children. Semjase is not owned by anyone and no one has exclusive rights to her.
    I speak the Truth in the name of Jesus and by the agreement of Semjase who in her true nature is a servant of Jesus Christ.”

    • lecox Says:

      From what is said here, I am as likely to go with Billy on this one.

      However, if I ever get to talk personally with Semjase, I will ask her about all this.

      Thank you for this comment, which at least has some actual substance to it.

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