Q and A on Suppression

1. What are some likely ways to hide a lie?

If an event occurs beyond the ken (knowledge) of ordinary people, then its details – even the fact of its occurrence – can be fabricated. So beware of “secret” or “covert operation” events (Osama Bin Laden raid), space travel events, war zone events, and crimes. Lies can also be hidden by attributing them to a technical authority who speaks and writes using technical terminology that most people don’t understand.

2. What’s the real game on earth?

We have established the existence of various global lie factories; criminal operations, in other words. What game are they playing? And why are we stuck in the middle of it?

We are relatively honest. We are willing to work for a living, and capable of working with other people. That makes us valuable. Real criminals are incapable of any of these activities. If you want to get anything done, you need a group of “real people” to do it! So the criminals must find a way to trick us into supporting them. They have used a variety of methods over the millennia.

The basic trick is to make us believe that they have something special that we need. Any story that will take advantage of our own fears is capable of being persuasive. They posit (dream up) something fearful, then make us believe that they are the only ones with a way to combat the threat.

What do honest people fear the most? Violence resulting in sudden loss of life. This kicks them out of the game, removes them from all their friends, activities, responsibilities, and forces them to start all over again. On top of that, we only have a 70 to 90 year lifetime, so this uneasiness is almost constant with many of us.

The most common lie, then, is the threat of violence. Any source will do: Animal, vegetable, mineral, human, ET, microbial.

To convince us of a threat, they stage a “false flag” event to demonstrate the threat to us. It helps to pick familiar threats like war, disease, bad weather, earthquakes. But when it is time for a major paradigm shift, the event may be quite outlandish, such as 911.

Some threats actually exist independent of the activities of suppressives. These are the real game; the actual challenges of life on earth. The suppressive tries to convince his audience that the threat is a natural part of life, and not coming from him. The suppressive himself could even be tricked in a similar way.

3. Where does suppression come from?

Somewhere along the line, the practice of suppressing others must have been invented. I know of no one except Hubbard who has attempted to explain this.

The theory is that it all started as a “harmless” game that gradually got totally out of hand. It is akin to “let’s pretend.” What if you started playing “let’s pretend” and did it so well that you forgot that you were playing a game of “let’s pretend?” This is the basic scenario behind the theory.

You repeat this scenario over a period of millions of years and you end up with a certain percentage of the population convinced that the only way they can survive is to kill everyone else – spiritually, at least.

4. Does suppression exist so that we can learn from it?

I highly suspect that this is a suppressive concept. It seems to be of Sirian origin.

5. How do we extract ourselves from the suppressive game?

One approach: Remember. This is what most teachings boil down to. Even the Sirians say we need to do this, but they don’t say how. I think they want to be able to tell us what we should “remember” and what we shouldn’t.

How is remembering accomplished?

The process could be broken down into steps:
1) Expose the suppression and the false data that goes with it.
2) Discover the true data that was being hidden. This can be tricky!
3) Start to operate on the true data and see if things go better. If the data proves workable, this serves to validate it.
4) If more false (unworkable) data arises, repeat the process.

Most New Agers tell us that a being can meditate its way out of this trap.

Hubbard tells us that you need to use auditing to do this. This involves people helping each other, something that drives suppressives totally crazy.

We can assume, for the sake of argument, that suppressive persons are being created somewhere and sent to earth to cause us trouble. In this case, society would need to adopt a more-or-less permanent policy of vigilance. Though it is possible that the entire universe could at some point become “clear” (free of suppressive false data), it’s a mighty big universe. So that process could take millions of years.

6. What about some examples?

Let’s take a few modern-day situations and see how they might be un-suppressed.


1) Expose the fact that the SPs (Suppressive Persons) want to kill people, and are using the “population problem” as an excuse to do this.
2) Discover that unsuppressed populations tend to self-regulate, and that supposed limiting factors might be lies, too.
3) Societies begin to develop workable approaches to maintaining a viable population – resource balance.


1) Expose the fact that the SPs create poverty so they can threaten their enemies with it.
2) Discover how much wealth and productive capacity actually exists on the planet.
3) Societies begin to develop workable ways to take care of everybody while still rewarding exceptional achievers.


1) Expose the fact that SPs create wars to kill and terrorize people and to get cash flow from war debts.
2) Discover that violence tends to disappear in the absence of suppressives, and that people are not “naturally” violent.
3) Societies begin to create procedures for discovering suppressive sources whenever violence of any kind erupts, thus enabling them to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.


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