Lou Baldin

I’m not a Scientologist, but I know they call earth a prison planet and they’re right about that.
– Lou Baldin, from his interview on Veritas (Mel Fabregas).

I’m not really ready to write this post, but I thought I’d better do it anyway; I might never be ready.

Some readers may be aware that there is a running story on the internet that is being driven by messengers for “The Galactic Federation of Light” as well as a few other groups. In short, the story is that we are taking out the former ruling Cabal and replacing them and their system with new people and a new system.

Many of us, me included, are trying to determine if there is any physical evidence on earth that this story is in any way true.

I was getting nowhere with the sources that I had been relying on, and in casting about for some new ideas, I came across a very recent Kerry Cassidy interview with John Lear. John became moderately infamous in the UFO community when he decided to get behind a story being told by a guy known as “Sleeper” whose actual name is Lou Baldin. He currently runs a site called ufolou.com.

I downloaded and read some of his material.

His is a more or less classic case. Connected with the military. Started being contacted as a child. Remembers being placed in his current family. Took lots of rides in UFOs. Had a “friend” (he calls him Milton) who would come by every so often and tell him stuff.

John Lear, who is from the Lear Jet family and was a civilian pilot who worked for the CIA (and other agencies) during the Vietnam years, liked Lou’s version of the truth and has adopted it as his own.

Lou’s stable datum

Lou’s stable datum, the lynchpin of his story around which the rest of it revolves, is that the ETs (and in particular Milton’s variety) are in control have always been in control, and will always be in control.

His basic message is: Learn to live with it. It’s the best we’re ever going to get.

All the data he has been sharing in his blogs and books is basically aimed to reduce the shock value of this basic realization.

Hubbard begs to differ

On the other hand, Hubbard is quite certain that there is something we can do about this situation, and that learning how to audit is a key component in that strategy.

Auditing is the only known workable method to reacquaint an individual with certain realities of life by discovering evidence for these realities in his own experience. No realization is forced on a person. The facts of life are as real as the individual perceives them to be.

If you line up many of Hubbard’s findings (gained by auditing many thousands of people, including himself) with what Lou has learned from Milton and other sources, we get basically the same picture.

Except that Milton doesn’t know about Scientology, or discounts it, or doesn’t want us to know about it.

A brief synopsis

Without getting long-winded, let me review the situation:

1. Life did not simply arise on planet earth several hundred million years ago. And our solar system is much older than a few billion years.

Realize that everyone except modern earth scientists agree with this to one degree or another. In particular, it is repeated over and over by every person who has every served as a messenger for ETs.

2. People are, essentially, immortal spiritual beings.

3. Some races, millions of years ago, learned how to enormously increase their longevity by mastering space travel. These are all the various “space opera” societies. How exactly these societies developed and came to dominate life in this galaxy as the “invader forces” is a story that seems largely hidden, probably mostly by them, but possibly because they themselves have forgotten.

This is a huge point in the actual scheme of things.

The space invaders (known to us as ETs or aliens) have always portrayed themselves as the top dogs. But what if this is,basically, just a show to win over the cooperation of planets seeded with life earlier, either by them or perhaps by others unknown to them?

Just how much bluff is in their stories?

Lou, and the bulk of mankind, are willing to go along with the idea that the invader forces are the top dogs of the universe.

But Hubbard isn’t. He thinks that their memories and true abilities have been crippled, too. And that his technology could help them, if they’d be interested in such help. You may think this a bit over-confident. But realize: No one else out there is talking about the kind of incidents that Hubbard has found in his students’ preclears.

And none of these “superior” races has been willing to admit to us what they have actually resorted to in order to retain their positions of authority. They always brush it off as “too advanced” or “too complex.” They are hiding data from us, and that is something everyone agrees to.

What we disagree on is whether or not that hiding has been justified.

The various invaders, including those who briefed Lou, have all sorts of reasons why things HAVE to be the way they are.

Scientologists aren’t buying it. And that’s the bottom-line difference between us and others who are involved in this “space opera.” We still think that spiritual freedom is possible.


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