Sands of Time – the Cooper materials

It is recommended:
That the United States Government provide as early as practicable moral, advisory, and material support to the MAJESTIC-12 Project in order to contribute to the early establishment of peace in the world in consonance with the enunciated principles of the United Nations, and to protect United States strategic interests against forces which now threaten them.
Bottom of page 16, document purporting to be the first Annual Report of the Majestic Twelve Project.

In 2011 Sean-David Morton published a book he wrote with a guy named Wayne Haley called Sands of Time. I heard him talking about it in an interview with Kerry Cassidy, and ordered it because he said it has the formula for the Unified Field Theory in it. The illustration below is part of the discussion of this theory on page 406 of the book.

unified theory formula

Unified Theory formula from Sean-David Morton’s book “Sands of Time.”

Mg stands for the “mass/gravity particle.” C should be the speed of light, as it usually is. The funny-looking symbol is an integral. It is shorthand for saying “find the area under the curve described by the following function, starting at point a and ending at point b.” The little d is usually the symbol for “derivative” or instantaneous rate of change. The little s could mean “seconds” or “space;” I am guessing the latter. When you integrate a derivative, you normally end up with a quantity in the same units as you started with. I am guessing that the big S also stands for space, but it could stand for some other things. Beyond this, I don’t understand the significance, if any, of this equation.


Morton’s story talks about a “civilian” group that ruled over a project basically aimed at protecting the planet from the “alien threat.” Whether or not this story about “protecting earth” was a lot of HHS (Happy Horse Sh_t) or not remains to be determined. Morton and the characters in his story take it seriously.

And so did Milton William Cooper. Cooper died in 2001 from wounds resulting from a short gun battle with two Sheriff’s Deputies. In 1989 he had decided to go public with some of what he had learned while serving in the military in the 1970s. Apparently this included information about Operation Majority and several of the projects that it operated. His activities lead to a warrant for his arrest in 1998 on tax evasion charges. He did not want to be a prisoner.

According to Cooper, the “Majestic” information, which was released in a “novel” by Whitley Strieber, involves an actual Operation Majority project to test public reaction to these materials and confuse serious researchers. Cooper thinks Strieber was cooperating with the government.

According to Cooper “Majesty” was the actual Operation Majority code name for the US President.

The Group

Not long ago I learned about the testimony of another ex-military guy (Captain Mark Richards) who is currently in prison (and has been for many years) who claimed to know of a secret group connected to the US government involved in the “ET problem.”

I just recently found out about the Cooper material through Alfred Webre’s Exopolitics website. Alfred is trying to legitimize a time-travel project story that three different people have been speaking about recently. According to them, this project involved the current US President. It is related to Operation Majority, though none of the time-travel (“Project Pegasus”) people had direct knowledge of Majority. The committee of 12 “Jason Scholars” that were in charge of Operation Majority” were known as the “MJ-12.”

Cooper was quite certain that JFK’s assassination resulted from a decision made by MJ-12 to protect the security of their work, which Kennedy had threatened. Morton’s book says exactly the same thing.

Beyond that, much of what MJ-12 was supervising is still largely speculation. Most of those reporting on it insist it was a vast international operation using back-engineered ET technologies and funded by money earned through illegal drug trafficking operations and similar activities.

MJ-12 purports to work for peace on earth, by protecting the planet from takeover by hostile ET forces.

This does not mean that all ETs are hostile, or that MJ-12 ever really succeeded in what they were trying to do, or are even telling the truth about what they were trying to do.

What it does do is put a wrinkle in the argument that all the “black projects” served the “secret power elites” for the purpose of bringing a “Matrix”-type tyranny to earth, probably by cooperating with at least one ET group.

What it doesn’t do, in my mind, is justify the secrecy and all the killings that have taken place. But MJ-12 was/is not the only organized criminal group murdering people.

No sane social system enforces its morays via threat of body death, or seeks to impose bodily imprisonment without due process. This is why I call groups that operate in this manner “criminal.”

Rabbit holes

I do not actually recommend that the casual citizen try to research this area.

All it brings is social ostracism, and obsession. Without the abilities of a Free Being, an individual on earth has almost zero chance to learn the truth.

However, I do think that anyone who is sitting on “top secret – national security-sensitive” knowledge or documentation should reveal what you know. It may shorten your life in this body, but I think you will feel better when you leave.

At this point, the “national security” argument seems like a scam to me.

There is data that will likely remain secret, and probably should. But it is data that would not be relevant to most people. Encryption keys and code books are technical matters that are useless in the hands of a layman.

But the decision to deny the existence of ET groups on earth or in the universe for “national security” purposes has poisoned a whole century of human development on earth, and threatens to do the same in this current century.

“Going down rabbit holes” may be a needless and dangerous activity, but rising above the playing field to get a better view of the entire game is a key to improved understanding.

Elites have always assumed that those not in power are not interested in or do not need the data that the elites depend on daily to keep things operating. But this denies the elites an important source of feedback that has resulted in tragic events several times in the past and promises to continue to do so.

Some elites frankly have plans for “the masses” that would result in revolt if publicly announced. But such plans are the recipe for eventual spiritual suicide. Though a spirit may not die, it can suffer. And genocide will take its toll on those beings who choose to practice it.

In truth, it is not as necessary to explore more “rabbit holes” as it is to come up out of them and take a look around. The brightness of the sunlight will at first be blinding, but we can get used to it. And some day, perhaps, we will become much more that earth-bound “rabbits.”


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