Is Democracy an Illusion?

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–…
Lewis Carroll – Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872

I have been studying the history of politics and power on this planet and in the universe for a little while now. And it occurs to me that a point keeps coming through in this material that deserves to be communicated:

Most power struggles are waged in secret.

We see the wars. We suffer from the economic collapses, the famines, the droughts.

But we never find out what’s really behind them all, because all that’s done in secret.

If one disagrees with how things are going, what’s wrong with standing up in public and stating so? That’s what our democratic system is all about, isn’t it?

Well, what’s wrong with it is that when a person stands up in public to protest, it’s like he’s just painted a huge target on his back, labelled “shoot me.” And if that protest has sufficiently missed a sufficiently violent withhold, the result is often exactly that: He is shut up.

Missed Withholds

This is a technical term; let me explain it:

An unspoken, unannounced transgression against a moral code by which the person is bound is called a “withhold.” …It is something that a person believes that if revealed will endanger his self-preservation. (from the Ethics book, p. 37.)

The decision to withhold comes after the decision to act. They are separate decisions, though in a criminal they are almost always made together.

A withhold is “missed” when someone almost finds out about it. That someone could be accusing someone else of something just to goad them. And they just happen to accuse them of something they actually did and want to keep secret. That misses the withhold just as well as if the police came to the door and announced their intention to investigate some crime.

Criminals love to miss withholds on regular folks. It almost always makes someone almost unbelievably angry to have a withhold missed on them. And this display of anger gives the criminal an excuse to hit back, even kill. The secret of why the killed person got so angry dies with them. The criminal depends on that.

(HCO Bulletin of 15 September 1981, The Criminal Mind)

The whole process of committing an overt (harmful act) withholding it, and then getting the withhold missed has a kind of physics connected with it. This physics has to do with the behavior of energy flows. An overt is basically an outflow of energy. The withhold serves to block further outflow, but this takes effort, which produces inflows. These inflows are then used as new excuses to outflow more overts. The being finds himself forced to attempt to keep his flows balanced, regardless of the consequences. Criminals are totally caught up in this physics, and have become the effect of it. They become totally unable to withhold overt acts by virtue of trying to keep them secret.

The thing to do with criminals is not to miss their withholds, but to hit the nail exactly on the head – totally exposing exactly what they did. This is difficult to do, but will be of the most benefit to society, and to the criminal.

However, in the rough-and-tumble game of international – or inter-galactic – politics, all the major players have lowered themselves to the level of criminal, and the game is generally played on those terms: Kill or be killed, and keep everything important a secret.

What Use Democracy?

Criminals were forced to agree to democracy in order to give those just below them in the “food chain” the impression that they could somehow have some control over who gets eaten.

I don’t claim that any great thinker has ever spoken these words. They are presented in perhaps an overly-cynical way. But we are playing this game with meat bodies, and meat bodies have to eat. Should we let the cows vote on which ones should go to the slaughterhouse?

Democracy gives the impression of civility in a society, and the impression of civility is highly valued. It tends to attract people to a society. In this wise, American culture was made very attractive to most of the rest of the world.

So now everyone else wants to live the way we do in the United States. I think that’s really all the Arab Spring was really about.

Except for one little detail…


The United States, since its Declaration of Independence, the writing of which we will celebrate tomorrow, envisioned a world in which the basic inalienable rights (or freedoms) of the citizen would be protected by his government, instead of trampled on.

In so doing, it proposed a system in which popular government would become separated from the secret power struggles of the criminal elites.

It failed, however, to fully expose those criminal elites and the full extent of their crimes.

And so, America was (rather quickly) re-criminalized.

The Declaration stands, though, as a testament to the basic human desire to be free.

There MUST be a way to make this vision real!

And there is:

Confront the truth.

Wise teachers from ancient times have been trying to tell us that this was our only way out. Many are familiar with the line in John which states that “the truth shall set you free.” John said that Jesus told this to a group of doubters, who said they were “sons of Abraham.” They thought they were free men, and had no need to be set free. So they did not try to understand the truth. Many of us continue to make this mistake.

I am not telling you that “the truth” is in the Bible!

The truth is what is really there! It should be possible to experience it, to know it as an individual without ever having to think about it or refer to a book.

So the biggest block to knowing the truth seems to be simply in our inability to perceive it. Thus, the road to truth is in the direction of improved perception.

I am not trying to be esoteric. I don’t want to hit anyone over the head with any sort of deep profundities. But don’t these ideas make some sort of sense?

Work out in what direction these ideas lead and you may be able to work out for yourself the path that will lead to advancement.

If you wish to go out and explore the truth for yourself, I invite you to stop reading here and go do that.

My take on The Truth

For those of you who did not leave to explore on your own, I will regale you with a few lines from my own story of exploration which may be instructive regarding the subjects of Democracy and Freedom.

First: It is not wrong to dream of freedom! Just remember what it takes to attain it.

Now: Have you ever experienced the idea that you were your body?

Is this a silly question? For some, the answer is: “Of course I’m my body!” Some cannot recall a time when they had the idea that they were NOT their body. Can you recall such a time? Were you your body before you were born? Will you be your body after you die? This is an example of an idea that is mere belief that acts as a trap, as a block to freedom. Because it’s a lie. You own your body. You are responsible for how it looks and what it does. But you are not your body.

Do you know how long it took me to realize this? I won’t even tell you; it is too embarrassing. But of course, this is just a stepping stone to freedom. How does one continue on up the road and prove this to oneself? By going exterior, preferably while fully awake and at cause. I don’t recommend trying to force yourself to do this. If you cannot do this naturally, there are probably good reasons why.

However, until one can go exterior and realize that he can still “see” and “hear” and “feel” and still control the body, the reality that greater freedom might be possible will be small.

Have I done this myself? Not with certainty, no. For me this truth still lies outside the realm of definite personal experience. But I have heard and read so many stories of such personal experiences that I cannot deny the truth of it just because my own certainty of it is low.

Have you ever seen for yourself, personally, the true shape of our planet (roughly spherical)? No? You mean you have not yet had a chance to ride through space with the astronauts? Well, then I guess we will just have to believe all those astronauts until we get up to the point where we can go up there and see for ourselves. (You can if you can learn to go exterior.)

I have spoken of secret criminals trying to run this planet. Is this true, or just stories I’ve heard? The answer to that question bears on the problem of Democracy.

I first heard of the criminal elites in, I think, 1982. I had been unaware of their existence up to that point. I was aware of various power blocks in society that were acting in rather underhanded ways. But not of the secret elites. LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) recorded a talk about them in 1967. I did not hear this talk until 1982. It is called Ron’s Journal 67. It is somewhat available, but you don’t need it now. Evidence of the existence of these elites is all over the internet. Thousands of people all around the world are totally certain they exist, and totally certain that they need to be removed. They have all but revealed themselves to us!

And they are still trying kill people who stand up to speak out against them. I am sure they reason: Well, that was his choice. If he wants to paint a target on his back, can you blame us for taking shots at it? They have sort of a warped point, don’t they?

The key to achieving Democracy is real freedom. Do the above lines make this point successfully? I wish they did. Democracy is not something you can expect the government or the military to simply provide to you. And it is not something you can “fight for” and “win.” It, or something like it, is a byproduct of a truly free society. And the freer a society is, the better it will operate.

A free society is made by making free beings. One at a time. In steps they can tolerate (being killed is a kind of “freedom”, but is not well tolerated!). Because it will require the strength of free beings to cope with the criminals. Until, some day, maybe, the criminals can also be freed. Until then there will be struggle. I’m sorry to have to tell you this. It seems to be how this game works.


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