The Postulate

I just sent this message to Cobra via a comment on his blog. I re-publish it here in full.

To Cobra and all:

I have tried my best to participate in the visualizations.

But realize: These visualizations are written using a paradigm that may not be familiar, understandable or relevant to all who wish to help.

To give you an idea of what I mean, I have written an alternative “visualization” in words more closely reflecting my own paradigm. For this type of work, where others might use the word “prayer”, we use the word “postulate.”

The Postulate

As I express this in the form of words of my language, and in the form of mental pictures, which are our common language, I am calm and undistracted.

I see a powerful intention, originating in Source, and diverging outward through the network of Creation like intense beams of light.

It arrives at our galaxy through its center, and then to our star – the Sun – through its center, and then to our planet, the Earth, through its center, and then to all of us through our centers. It is the intention of Creation, but it is also our intention. This is a co-created intention.

The intention is that all counter-survival efforts originating from beings of our realm come to an end. And more specifically, that all counter-survival efforts originating from our species, Humans, come to an end:
The false data motivating these efforts is now proven false.
The fears motivating these efforts are now understood to have no basis.
The anxieties about survival of the body are being replaced by the challenges of creating a new game.

In our new game: Change does not happen through force and intimidation. Change happens as a result of increased understanding. That is to say: Increased affinity (which some know as “love”); Increased reality (which some know as “agreement”); Increased communication (which some know as “perception” or “awareness”).

In our new game: The old paradigms are no longer operative.

In our new game: The old “evil” beingnesses such as “archon” “reptile” “demon” “elemental” “ghost” “poltergeist” have no power to intimidate or deceive us.

In our new game: The re-programming that used to occur in the Between Lives Area is no longer practiced.

In our new game: Beings can remember, and they can do so with accuracy and certainty. A being can trust its own knowingness.

In our new game: An Ethics system exists to guard the game and its players from distractions and destruction originating from within.
Criminals of the past are being exposed by this Ethics system, and are being handled in a way that is non-violent and effective.
Criminals of the past are being brought before tribunals, where each case is fully reviewed according to its own merits, and each being is given a chance, no matter how slight, to redeem themselves in the eyes of their species, and to some day be allowed to play on an equal footing with the vast majority of others who were unwilling to stoop so low; unwilling to violate their own senses of integrity to the alarming degree of violation committed by the worst of those criminals.

In our new game: Beings are trusted to take what they need to keep their bodies healthy, while giving back as much as they can towards the goal of ever-increasing levels of knowledge, responsibility and better control over their tools and environments.

In our new game: Beings are trusted to rule their own lives. Organizations only exist to facilitate coordinated action. Compulsion to serve, and punishment for any fancied failures, are bad habits of the past.

In our new game: All will be encouraged to contribute, and be rewarded for their contributions, but none will be forced to contribute in ways they feel would violate their own integrity. And none will be deprived of a body for any action they take, nor for any failure to take action. These will be treated as opportunities to learn and nothing more.

We envision a new reality in which bits of reality from the “alternative” universes will be accepted and welcomed to exist in our midst.

We envision a new reality in which the great past failures of our species have been fully viewed and understood for what they are, and all of us thus released from the power those failures once had over us.

We envision a new reality in which every being knows where it came from and has a firm idea of where it wants to go. A reality in which each being’s connection to Source is strong, vital, and unwavering.


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