Which Story Do I Tell?

The following is a poem I wrote inspired by NPR’s* new feature NewsPoet.

Which Story Do I Tell?

I have so many stories;
which ones do I tell?
Should I say I am quite sick,
or that I’m doing well?

Should I take the blame for what I caused,
or say it’s all their fault?
Should I analyze it carefully,
or leave them with gestalt?

Should I mention that embarrassment
which happened just last week?
Or let it slide and hope my side
will come up with a tweak?

This reminds me of a homily
I learned whilst in my youth:
When the news is naught but stories,
what happens to the truth?

The news is naught but stories…

Journalists even call them “stories.”

While this is blatant on the mass media, with their nearly sickening urge to add “entertainment value” to the news, it is just as true in the alternative media, even though they deal with more “difficult” topics.

And a certain story has been very hot online in the past few weeks.

I first heard of this story from a Project Camelot interview with Ben Fulford. (You’re going to have to look up these people if you don’t know who they are; I can’t explain all that here. But see my “Resources” posts.)

Several years later, David Wilcock picked up Fulford’s story, giving it a more spiritual – or cosmic – twist. Next up was the James Martinez announcement, along with Wilcock’s articles based on the work of Neil Keenan and his associates.

Then in steps John Kettler, Drake, the Resistance Movement featuring Cobra, and the Silver Legion featuring a woman code-named Tanaath.

The story was actually started many years ago by various people who claimed to be contacted by “Ashtar” or other members of his group. The Billy Meier contacts are also part of this story. In more recent times, Sheldan Nidle has been a very consistent worker and activist in this regard.

And on top of that I have the Terra Papers from Robert Morning Sky which I have recently read. This takes the beginning of the modern version of this story back to 1947.

Briefings are never as brief as you’d like

If you want to become informed concerning this story, consult those sources yourself. This is just a “musing” based on the experience of trying to put all this stuff together.

In brief: After we pulled the H-bomb stunt back in 1945, certain groups out there decided that we had gone too far. The H-bomb was not the work of earth people, per se, but of certain of its power elites, working largely in secret.

It seemed that to protect the rest of this sector from the problems that could be created by nuclear proliferation on earth, the secret power elites on earth would need to be exposed. A rival power group, not based here but more “human” than the current power group, accelerated a program designed to remove their old rivals from power by exposing them as dysfunctional (which they are) and thus getting popular support on earth for a big change. This group decided that a more up-front approach would be required than those used in previous centuries, so while the information they have been providing us is almost certainly not entirely sincere, it is much more full of facts than were previous attempts to inform us of these matters.

All the external groups connected with this current earth contact have insisted that they are only here to help us restore a workable power balance on Earth so that it doesn’t get blown up like it has other times. Many of them claim to be connected to the Sirian culture, and this is confirmed in the Terra Papers.

Even the Pleiadians are basically Sirian, at least in body type (carbon-based mammals).


The Sirian language, as described by Robert Morning Star, is the basic prototypical language of earth. It corresponds to what our linguists call “Indo-European.”

There are a few other human languages that stray very far from the patterns of the Indo-European group, and these may have other beginnings. Of course, these languages have mixed and shared over thousands of years, so the underlying similarities are the realm of linguistic science.

However, Sirian, as described by Robert Morning Sky, shares distinct sound-meaning correlations with ancient Egyption, Sumerian, and Hebrew. And there are also similarities in the customary ways to write these languages.

In books about them, words in these languages will sometimes be rendered as syllables separated by dashes. Though they were never written that way, they all use syllabic words, and the syllables are usually represented by just one or two characters (letters). It is common in all the older written versions of these languages to omit vowel sounds when they do not contribute to meaning. Thus, you cannot tell how to say the words from reading them; you already have to know that. I’m not sure how the linguists figured this out, but people still speak Hebrew, so that probably helped.

Examples of Sirian words

I will illustrate this with a few examples from Robert Morning Sky. I will try to avoid words with accented letters, as I don’t want to get into the typography issues caused by those:

an – heaven.
ari – masters.
ari-an – masters of heaven – said to be the source of our Orion and Aryan.
sss – sound for the snake people, shortened to ss.
rrr – sound for the dog people, shortened to rr.
ss-rr-ss – a name for the empire of the dog people within that of the snake people.
ss-rr-ss would be spoken something like “sirius.”

Here is a Sirian expression used by Sheldan Nidle all the time:
Selamat Ja!
This translates literally to “condition (of) joy” and is used as a greeting or a blessing. (“Be Happy”) Interestingly, selamat is also a Malay word used in greetings which they interpret to mean “safe.” It is also known as “salam” in Arabic, “shalom” in Hebrew, and “asaalom” in Urdu and Uzbek. As-salamun is known in Arabic as a greeting used by the angels. We also have king Solomon and his seal, which is basically a Star of David, the same symbol used by Sheldan Nidle for his insignia, but which he refers to as a “star tetrahedron” (technically, a stellated octahedron, or dual tetrahedron).


The above word could be spoken as “merkaba” or shortened to “merkab.”

I thought of these words while considering Robert Morning Sky’s assertion that though “D-K” (dak) literally means “teeth or fangs” it was used as a nickname for the Sirian soldiers who fought “like dogs” sometimes literally using their teeth.

In Sirian, the Orion fighters were known as “M-G” which is thought to be the root of such earth words as “Magi” “magic” “majestic” etc.

“MAR” means “great one.”

An interesting habit in these old stories is to identify an individual by a title he had earned. Thus, a being, starting out with just a name like al-al-gar could win an award and thereafter be known as iku-mar-beh (Kumarbi).

Thus, when MAR-DUK appears quite late in the old legends, it is not clear if this is his given name or a subsequent title.

However, Marduk reminded me of Marcab, an ancient space opera society mentioned by LRH many times, and that made be think of merkabah, a word taken to mean “chariot” in Sumerian, but better-translated as “conveyance of the great ones.” If you don’t know, the merkabah figures prominently in certain ascension technologies.

I was fascinated by the similarity of Marcab and Merkabah, but could not find Marcab mentioned as a word in any lists of Sumerian words I could find online. So, the similarity may only be amusing, but Marcab is almost certainly a Sirian word.

Bad joke?

Is this all just a bad joke invented to tease the mentally agile and spiritually crippled?

I think not. “Only time will tell,” as the saying goes. But a lot of people have been trying to tell us for a long time! I would caution against dismissing them as a bunch of lunatics.

* NPR: National Public Radio. A US non-profit radio broadcasting network whose stations feature academic- and left-leaning news and commentary and no ordinary commercials.


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