Exopolitics according to Robert Morning Sky – Part 1

I have just finished reading the first part of Robert Morning Sky’s Terra Papers.

This short article summarizes the situation as laid out by him in that document.

The 1947 saucer crashes

Anyone who has studied the crashes in the American Southwest that occurred in 1947 knows that there was more than one. In an aural presentation he did on the radio in August of 1996, Robert speaks of 3 crashes. There could have been more.

Robert’s Apache grandfather was involved with one of these crashes (one that occurred in August 1947). He and five friends were out camping, preparing for a vision quest (a native American tradition). The crash happened quite near their camp, and they were able to rescue a being from the crashed ship and return him to their camp while evading government soldiers who quickly arrived on the scene.

The being survived. He was, per his grandfather, very human-looking. And, with the help of some sort of storage devices, he told them stories of earth’s ancient past.

These are the stories that Robert relates in his Terra Papers.

Take-away message

I won’t try to tell the whole story; what I was interested in was the bottom line!

Apparently, by the time of, say, Christ, there were 3 major ET groups that knew about this solar system and had an interest in it.

The oldest group was the “Orion” group. They may or may not have been literally from the Orion star system. That’s just what their name sounded like. Their bodies were reptile-based humanoid. They were a very ancient “space opera” society that had learned a lot about politics and the ways of “bloodless” war in the course of their long history.

The next group was the “Sirian” group. They were a younger group. Their bodies were mammal-based humanoid. They were excellent technologists that excelled in weaponry and war. Their soldiers were known to practice cannibalism. They constructed huge spherical war ships that were very dangerous. And so, the Orions saw them as a threat and proposed an alliance with them which they accepted.

At some point, the Sirians discovered our solar system and colonized it. Over hundreds of thousands (millions?) of years they developed what we know as the “human” species. The developer of this species then left that system, basically forced out by one of his own sons. He established the third group with an interest in Earth, which we know as the “Pleadieans.”

Again, none of these groups are necessarily associated with the star groups we know today by these names; I assume that these star groups were named after these groups.

The modern planetary situation

Dominant on earth in “modern” times have been the Orion group, mainly through hybrid races known to us as “greys.” They are very mind-control-oriented. They have, or had, bases on earth.

Much less important, but maintaining a presence on earth, are the Sirians. They may be known to us as Martians. They tend to be quite tall, human-looking, and peaceful compared to their ancestors. They developed a religious approach to control on earth and most of our scriptures are full of their teachings. They are also known as the “beings of the light” or “the keepers of the light.” They would like to regain control of earth from the Orion group. They have been maintaining secret underground bases on earth.

The third group, the Pleadieans, are former Sirians. Apparently they have a few operatives on the planet, but not many. Their purpose seems to be to liberate earth humans from the other two groups. Their data rarely gets through to us without being altered. Even Robert’s data has probably been altered.

How to recognize the different groups

Because of millennia of genetic mixing, many individuals connected to these various groups look human. And of course, they can also choose to get born into a human body (or so we are told). Therefore, you can know them best these days by their distinct approaches to life.

The Sirians are the spiritualists. They will emphasize the importance of ascension, and express it as a process involving “going into the light.”

The Orions are the atheists, the scientists, the psychiatrists. They prefer to simply tell you how to think. If you don’t choose to obey them, there’s “an app” for that. They use movies, television, radio, cell phones; any communication channel they can get hold of, to overlay their message of obedience and submission. The Sirians want us to think of the Orions as THE bad guys.

The Pleadieans are freedom-lovers and artists. They are strong on enthusiasm and weak on tactics. As former Sirians, they may still teach spiritualism and the “dimensions.” But there will be less of a control spin on their teachings. They seem to be genuinely concerned for our independence as a people, and wish they could do more to assist us.

Part 2 of Robert’s story may tell me more, or serve to adjust these characterizations a bit.

But I am sure you can see the basic problem here. Though I would trust a Pleadiean more than the others, the others, knowing this, could pretend to be Pleadieans. If this lineup is basically correct, then several stories about ET groups being sold to the general public could be just a Sirian plan to take the planet back from the reptoids.

Robert’s story is interesting. But if you want to get something done on planet Earth, join a group that is getting something done on planet Earth. These stories about ETs are interesting, but they don’t lead anywhere worthwhile.


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