Solving The Problem

This is a first of what may be a series on this blog about what is going on on the planet and what various people are saying and doing about it. I actually consider this a very important subject.

My basic line of reasoning is the following:

  1. Most of us recognize that surviving on this planet is currently becoming more difficult.
  2. These difficulties are starting to exceed our comfort levels, and we’d like to achieve better control over the situation.
  3. In researching this, many of us have come across reports of the existence of a criminal elite on this planet that seems to be heavily involved in our failure to achieve better control per point 2 above.
  4. As a result of these reports, plans have been formulated to “take down the cabal.”
  5. Outwardly, though, the situation seems to continue to get worse.
  6. Why?

The theory behind this that I will be exploring includes the following:

  1. The human need for a game, and thus for problems.
  2. How human sanity affects the problems chosen.
  3. How much sanity do we want?
  4. How to achieve a saner world: Ethics.
  5. How to get in ethics.

This article will concentrate on topic 4, ethics.


“People need problems. Solving problems is what gives our lives meaning. If we fixed them all, we’d have nothing to do, and we’d die.”
Answer from “Zhop” to the question: “Is it possible to fix all the worlds problems?” on Askville by Amazon.

Human experience apparently can range from a bottom level of total denial of one’s spiritual existence and the complete conviction that one is, finally, totally dead to a top level of god-like omniscience and loving power.

Most of us have experienced most of the levels of this scale at one time or another, and – if prodded – will usually recall most fondly those times when we were active, involved and confident. On the Scientology scale of tones, these levels of experience are represented by 8.0 Exhilaration through 20.0 Action to 22.0 Games.

In other words, most people choose the level of the game. And to play a game, you do need something to play against, and that opponent will try to make problems (barriers to your freedom) that you must solve to stay in the game. Thus having problems means you are in a game, which for most of us is desirable.

“By creating problems, one tends to view both sides in opposition and so becomes Pan-determined.” Fundamentals of Thought, p. 134.

One of the major sources of barriers in many earth-bound games is – oddly – our own body. High levels of play are difficult to attain in a body, as most bodies are rigged to make a person “feel scared” when operating at these levels. If you can obtain the confidence of an athlete, he or she may tell you that playing their sport goes best when one operates exterior to the body. This enables one to be more pan-determined about the body and its concerns.

For most of us, in practical terms, the ultimate “freedom” is to be exterior and the most important barrier to that level of freedom is the body and its way of thinking. However, that is not the only source of barriers.

“If a person lacks problems, opponents and counter-purposes to his own, he will invent them.” Problems of Work, p. 70.

What is a criminal?

“…we have yet to face the fact that there are no solutions.” From an article by Robert Jensen, a progressive political activist and journalism professor in Austin, Texas.

Some people lose their ability to create problems (and thus their own games) so markedly that they turn criminal.

A criminal is a being who finds himself stuck at an experience level that seems to demand that his “game” should be to ruin all other ongoing games. He feels that he cannot be truly safe unless everyone else is dead.

The “criminal cabal” is composed of a small group of loosely-affiliated people who have embraced this attitude towards life with a kind of inverted enthusiasm. Their ancestors somehow managed to make piles of money, normally by victimizing other people, and the current group is using those funds in an attempt to “play” their “game.”

But this isn’t sane!

That’s right, it isn’t. People need each other. If we decide to kill off everybody, then we, too, will die. So the cabal is on a loosing course. They almost realize this, yet they have convinced themselves, in their madness, that they will experience some sort of salvation if they are successful. The usual promise is “eternal life.” But the spirit is already immortal! …False promise!

“The world is filled with many problems,
sometimes I wonder if I should solve them,
but then life would start to come to order
and then all questions would have an answer.”

Poem fragment – Yuuki Minami

Life is “no fun” without problems. But most of us pick saner problems than how to destroy the earth and somehow survive it. For example, all of the forces of nature regularly and continuously present challenges to our survival. To fight back against those forces is a relatively sane game. And on a more personal level, most of us are happy with problems of the “how to build a better mousetrap” variety, or work tirelessly to provide us with buildings, roads and bridges, vehicles of all sorts, and so on. These are all problems having to do with the need to protect our bodies from undue harm, but in the context of a meat body society, they are relatively sane games.

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”
Attributed to Pablo Picasso.

And so, the saner majority comes into conflict with the less sane minority who we rightly call “criminal” because they have chosen to work against the success of their own kind. This conflict is addressed by a subject called “ethics.”


If you are not familiar with this subject, you can go to the
Volunteer Ministers website and take a free short course on it and related subjects.

Ethics has two main components:

1. The technology of Conditions and their formulas. This technology can be learned and applied by individuals and groups pursuing sane games to help them protect their games and their sanity.

2. The technology of detecting and handling Suppressive Persons (which is our term for the criminally insane). This includes an investigations component and a justice component. This roughly corresponds to what most of us think of as a legal system.

If you are not aware of these technologies, I don’t blame you, but you need to handle that. There is no longer any excuse for it. These materials have been available since the 1960s!

This is the take-away message (I think) from a study of these materials: If it weren’t for criminals, Libertarianism would work. In other words, honest people are good at figuring out how to survive. And even if they lose their bodies, they will return to continue the game. Dishonest people, and those who cooperate with them in hopes of making a “quick buck” do not deserve equal treatment in a sane society and are, in fact, the basic reason why societies fail. In addition, their rehabilitation will be difficult and costly; they will not be able to “return to the light” (to turn a popular phrase) without help from others. And if they go too far overboard in their insanity, who will be willing to help them?

Getting in Ethics

“Solving the problem should not be more complicated than the original problem itself.” From a blog article about web development.

Thus, the principal challenge to a society that finds itself slipping down the sustainability scale towards oblivion is to GET IN ETHICS.

Getting in ethics involves, in its simplicity:

  1. Identifying the exact suppressive people causing the situation through proper use of investigation technology.
  2. Exposing those people.
  3. And if that alone doesn’t work, applying Justice actions to those people.

The most severe Justice action allowed in Scientology is expulsion from the group. I do not recommend using murder to accomplish this. This is an SP trick that has been used many times against honest people.

Because Suppressive Persons have long since infiltrated our legal systems, most current justice systems are pretty screwed up. Throwing people in jail is stupid enough. But not finding the real SP is even more stupid. And of course, the SPs have the system rigged now so that this is not even usually talked about in a court of law. That has to change if we really want this planet to survive.

Mass Arrests

“In the meantime, we stumble forward and backward, patching things together as best we can.” From an essay about attempts to end poverty by Laura Crossett.

One current popular suggestion for terminating the influence of Suppressive Persons on earth is to arrest them all en masse with the help of the military.

Though this is a tempting idea, experience has shown that good effects can be obtained with much less effort than this.

One “rule” of Ethics is to never extend a heavy-ethics approach longer than it takes for the scene to visibly start to revert (change for the better for real).

Thus, one normally starts with the objective of putting just one “head on a pike.” This sends a message that we are serious, and is often enough to motivate a lot of rats to abandon ship. This can leave the remaining SPs relatively powerless to act. And that’s all you want.

Thus, I suggest that in our current campaign, we go after and expose just one prominent member of the criminal elite. His “friends” will never come to his aid, you can be sure of that. And it might be enough to get the ball rolling. Pick someone who we have VERY good evidence against. Pick a case that will be very instructive to the general public. Then just apply the ethics gradients to that person until we begin to see some results. And if that bombs, try another person. One at a time should be enough. Keep them guessing who will be next!

An ancient goal

An ancient goal of most honest governments has been to wipe out criminality in their areas of control.

But they did not have the technology of how to do this, until recently.

Now we wonder if we have any honest governments left! Well, I think we do. And a good way to prove you’re part of an honest government that works for honest citizens would be to take this ethics technology and run with it. Get a product! Be effective, and it will encourage others to try.

More than anything right now, we need some wins. They don’t have to be huge wins. They just have to be enough to keep spirits up.

About all I can do to contribute is to recommend this approach to the situation at hand and point out where to find the information.

I don’t work in government and probably never will, but if you do you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and to the people you serve to act to restore ethics in your area. If enough people do this, we can shake off these “blues” and maybe make something out of this planet.


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