Larry Discovers Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown website page

It’s Late

2AM. Or is that early? The point is, Mr. Brown seems to think that it’s getting a bit late, too.

So he’s taking his message to the masses via, most recently, Project Camelot. And that is how I ran across him.

Courtney Brown is a math PhD who studies remote viewing through a non-profit institute that he created for this purpose. He has also done some of his studies privately.

“Remote viewing” is one of several forms of semi-causative super-perception techniques. Remote viewing (RV) was originally developed by the military specifically for investigative purposes.

According to Dr. Brown’s theory of remote viewing, the trained viewer will pick the correct target even though he is not given any overt hint of what that target is. This is because of the actual connectedness of existence. In other words, the ability includes the ability to discover the target without being told what it is, as long as someone will eventually decide what it is. If we were totally “connected” we would be able to perceive everything that “is.” Disconnection is an illusion that we have enforced upon ourselves for some purpose, but greater levels of connectedness are always possible, though it is a strain for humans to do this.

In this way, all existence, which is really just a collection of considerations, is ultimately available to be perceived. That includes all perceptions of what has happened (or patterns we have experienced in the past) and all perception of what might happen (patterns we expect to experience in the future). To see any of these non-local experiences is simply a problem of extending perception.

Findings, briefly stated

  • The asteroid belt formed after a planet exploded.
  • Mars is inhabited and has been for a long time.
  • Jesus arranged things so that he was not the person who got crucified, though most observers thought it was.
  • It is likely that a major “disruptive” event will happen on earth this year.
  • Advanced ET civilizations are a reality.

Dr. Brown – rightly, I think – believes that these findings are significant.

They, in fact, add up to a whole new take on how life works.


In Dr. Brown’s video about Jesus, he mentions the Seth material – recommended to him by a friend – as an inspiration for that project. This material was dictated by “Seth” via Jane Roberts, mostly to her husband, from 1963 to 1983.

I have mentioned the “Hubbard material” as an inspiration for my work. The books he wrote were all penned in the 1950s, except for the Way to Happiness, and his fiction, of course.

In the 1960s through 1980s most of his written work was presented as either Bulletins or Policy Letters, and have since been published as books. The Bulletins are contained in 13 volumes comprising, I believe, over 6,500 pages. The Policy Letters are contained in 11 volumes, consisting of roughly 5,500 pages. And if all of his lectures were transcribed (most of them are), this would amount to an additional 100 volumes, approximately.

None of Hubbard’s work was channeled. It is all either research findings, attempts to explain those findings, descriptions of how to do things correctly, or musings that serve – usually – to illustrate his major points.

It is obvious that both of these individuals devoted many years to their work, believed in it, and thought it was important enough to record and publish.

Seth, for all intents and purposes, founded the New Age.

And Hubbard, in addition to founding Dianetics and Scientology, hoped that his work would help usher in a New Civilization.

If there is any time left to heed these teachers, it starts now.

Take your pick, or study both of them.

Here are some parallels between what Brown believes his research is demonstrating and what Hubbard believed his research was demonstrating:


  • Experience in the physical universe is based on a perception of solidity.
  • When we look deeply into matter – or the mind – we find no real solidity there; we only find a perception of it.
  • Our feelings of being trapped or restrained all stem from this perception of solidity; it is, ultimately, a false perception.
  • The discipline of remote viewing (Brown) or auditing (Hubbard) lead to the realization of the above truths. That realization takes time to occur; years.
  • What Hubbard found that Brown has not yet mentioned is the sense of personal freedom and restored ability that following this discipline can provide to a being.
  • In these “new” truths, or realizations, lie the key to a new level of existence that is lighter, but no less challenging, that what we currently experience. It could enable us to end the sense of being in a “downward spiral.”

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