Thinking Out Loud: Secret Sacred Societies

Yesterday I read this article: White Hats Reports
The “White Hats” are basically a PR group working for what is sometimes described as an association of Secret Sacred Societies.

In their report #38 they mention “the release of the Global Settlements.”

This article will address these matters at a conceptual level.

I have no direct knowledge of any of this.

The problem of freedom

It is an empirical (according to direct experience) fact that people and groups do better, by their own estimation, in proportion to how much freedom they consider themselves to have.

The greatest evidence of this is the United States, where quite advanced levels in the standard of living were broadly reached, based on a model of government for the people, free enterprise, and protection of basic unalienable rights.

However, this has been, for the most part, an advance in the material standard of living. Recent events are evidence of this. When a setback occurs, people get nervous, indicating that they lack confidence in themselves and their institutions to solve the problem. Spiritually advanced beings would not react like that.

Thus, most of us think of “freedom” in the context of the material world.

But that was not its original context.

Originally, “freedom” meant freedom from the material world.

Imagine that in ancient times, beings existed who used non-biological bodies. Such a body might look a bit like a marionette, or a robot. When you need it, you pick it up and operate it. And though everyone can tell it is a puppet, it serves as an actor on the stage of life. But when you don’t need it or want it, you simply lay it aside. You don’t have to feed it. It doesn’t need air or heat. And it can be replaced by creating, borrowing – or stealing – another one.

Now this, compared to biological existence, is freedom. Would you not agree?

The need for secrecy

Think of the problems this could cause for the proprietors of, say, a planet.

They are using this planet for something. Perhaps mining it for metals. The metals are used locally to build machines, or perhaps shipped back to a home planet.

Mining metals is hard work. Non-biological bodies can do it better than biological bodies, but if they don’t like working conditions, or get bored, they can just leave.

Though the perception of freedom is valuable, and results in better production, it was a problem for these managers. So they embarked on a plan to “fool” people into desiring biological bodies.

And so, by secret programs, non-biological bodies were given a bad name and eventually were more or less abandoned.

Of course, there were some who were aware of this coercion. And so a resistance movement was established. And, of course, it too, had to be secret.

The situation on Earth

These stories seem fanciful. They represent the long ago and the far away. Yet this scenario may have played out on earth as little as 15 to 20 thousand years ago. There is some indication that this may be the case.

But regardless of exactly how we trace its roots, be assured that this conflict has continued to this day, and is active on this planet, and always has been.

And so you get one set of secret “sacred” societies attempting to forward the con game that favors biological bodies. And you get another set of secret sacred societies attempting to somehow counteract this con game, even though they have forgotten how to make or use non-biological bodies.

The latter group is referred to, loosely, as the White Hats. They refer to their rivals as the Dark Cabal.

The Dark Cabal refers to itself as “the family” or “the organization.” It seeks to infiltrate and control all human institutions, both public and secret. By many accounts, it is close to accomplishing this on earth.

The role of money

The Dark Cabal has had a rough time on earth. Until recently, resources seemed quite plentiful. And they may in fact still be. A certain sense of abundance could be attained here, and that encourages thoughts of freedom and higher purpose.

And so they attempted to play an old trick on us. They “monetized” everything. So, unlike in a “primitive” culture, where the whole group cooperated to maintain itself, in a “modern” culture, you have to have money to do anything. Thus limiting the supply of money, and its availability to certain sectors, imposes a sense of scarcity where it might not otherwise exist.

I am flabbergasted that this con worked. But it was globally successful, and money has been in wide use since at least the days of Rome.

The Dark Cabal specializes in the control of money, though it has also invested heavily in other strategies.

And the White Hats specialize in the de-control of money.

The Global Settlements

My knowledge on this subject is incomplete.

But from what I have read, the story goes something like this:

The impact of the first World War was so great, compared to previous large wars on earth, that diverse nations felt compelled to meet together in hopes of preventing further destruction of such magnitude.

The Dark Cabal was ready with its argument and its plan: It was the hoarding of gold that had caused the war. What was needed was to divorce the idea of “wealth” from the possession of real commodities, such as gold.

Several of the large countries (already infiltrated by the Cabal) supported this argument. Most others were leery of it. And so plans moved forward to move the planet off the gold standard, though it was met with some resistance.

The plan involved the moving of all public and privately-held gold – except little trinkets – under the “protection” of a central banking system. That system would issue money via national treasuries, and make loans on favorable terms to assist member nations to improve their economies.

Not all countries trusted this plan. And so a second World War was staged. And under its cover, those countries were looted and their gold and other precious metals and gems taken to secret vaults guarded by well-armed soldiers. The various parties were given receipts for this gold, in the form of US Federal Reserve Notes of large denomination.

It was promised all those involved that they would have access to funding in proportion to their contribution to the gold store. But this did not happen.

This lead, in time, to at least one lawsuit being filed at the International Court in The Hague (a town in the Netherlands) by some of those who had given up their gold. The suit asked for funds to be released for national improvement projects, as had been promised. The court ruled in their favor. But the funds were never released.

From what I gather, this is what “the release of the Global Settlements” refers to.

The White Hats are still fighting to make this happen. This is, in fact, the current centerpiece of their program.

A third way

The people behind the White Hats, in their zeal, I fear have lost track, a bit, of their founding principles. They may feel a bit trapped in their current game to free up money on Earth. It seems they have forgotten about the reduction of freedom caused by biological bodies. If they could remember that, they could find a new way to handle this whole situation.

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