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Some basic internet resources.

9 October 2011

I thought I’d mention some internet addresses that I have bookmarked.

Their content ranges from just facts to the unbelievable.

I don’t feel ready to post them as links on this blog. But they are worth mentioning.

Unusual insights into life on earth:

Project Camelot. Kerry and Bill have been through a lot since they started this project several years ago. They were committed to doing live video interviews with researchers and whistleblowers on subjects kept “below the radar” by the mainstream media, and making them available online for free.

Duncan O’Finioan’s Blog. Duncan is one such whistleblower. He is a unique person and has decided to write books and maintain a blog. His entries are thoughtful and sometimes quite informative.

Sheldan Nidle. Here is an example of a site that most people consider too far south. There are a lot of people who don’t believe Sheldan and think he’s just making it all up. I’m not so sure.

Jordan Duchnycz. Here’s an example of a young artist (a Canadian) who has gotten into the more radical teachings of the New Age movement, as influenced by ex-physicist and possible CIA disinfo agent Drunvalo. As of this writing, Jordan has been visiting California and making friends there. I am getting the impression that he may move there and become part of the US New Age community. Hard to tell. He’s still very young. But his videos are very well done, and worth watching, I think.

Luke Callahan’s GroAction. Here’s the site of another guy I’ve run into who has taken a more practical approach to the future. I wrote a few articles for his site under its old name. He seems very gung-ho about what he’s doing.

Grace Powers. “Grace Powers” is a pseudonym for a Canadian (Vancouver) political activist, researcher, and video producer. There is a bad copy of her five-hour series Ring of Power which I recently viewed on the internet in its entirety. It connects the modern-day ruling families of Europe to an ancient Hebrew ruling family from Egypt. It maintains that this family has continued to work to control the planet. It has spiritual, financial, and military divisions corresponding to the Vatican, the City of London, and the District of Columbia.


Data Sheet Catalog. This is the only electronics site I have bookmarked. Data sheets are a great resource for electronic design, and a must for the engineer or technician. On this site you can search by part number and download data sheets from different manufacturers, no charge.

There are a lot of sites about electronics on the internet. But it is not as well covered as is IT, and web design in particular. I don’t even bother to bookmark web design sites because they are so easy to search for. But here are a few:
W3 Schools. The resource for all the major open-source web technologies.
PHP.NET. The Page Hypertext Preprocessor is the most-used server-side web page scripting language. It’s the first language I learned at SCCC and rather easy to use, even without an IDE.

Alternative News

Signs of the Times. Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s news site. One of her several “labors of love.” She lives in southern France with her husband who, I believe, is Polish. She is the author of many books and is known for her interest in using science to help make sense of paranormal data and phenomena. She has recently been under attack from the French government for her opinions.

Coast to Coast AM. The alternative issues radio talk show. Its guests include paranormal and ET researchers and experiencers. It does not delve too deeply into “conspiracy.” For $7 a month you can freely download their shows.

Alex Jones. Alex Jones survives by expressing outrage. But his basic assumptions are not that far off the mark. He works harder than most to keep his work commercially viable.


I prefer sites that are relevant, lively, and often updated. Ideally, the content is freely downloadable.

Did I mention TED? TED Talks. I prefer sites that appear to be independently funded. TED is not such a site. It is firmly mainstream, but what you might call “liberal.”

Did I mention ATS? Above Top Secret is the alternative topics forum. It’s main dish is conspiracy theories. Exactly who owns and runs ATS is a little murky. But it is the go-to site for self-invented issues and news. Its contributors range from sober older people like myself to young people who can’t spell and are full of wild and confused ideas. It is fairly easy to earn a “hoax” classification on this site. Content is definitely policed. But it remains a good resource because it is so busy and there is so much going on on it.