What If #1: No Money

What if nothing cost anything?

We take money for granted. But what purpose does it really serve?
1) It helps us keep accounts.
2) It is used to exclude people from society.

Purpose 1 is useful; possibly essential. Purpose 2 is a major 3rd dynamic aberration.

Could a society “work” without using money?

Animal societies have been getting along without money for aeons. But we aren’t “mere animals’ are we?

Well, what about the distant planet of Iarga? Dutch businessman, “Stefan Denaerde” (a pseudonym) relates in his book Contact from Planet Iarga that the civilization there runs without money. But with a social accounting system. Other contactees have reported similar social setups in other realms.

Here on earth, we only see such practices among those labelled “primitive.” In the West, it is only a dream dreamt by lonely idealists like Edward Bellamy in Looking Backward (1888) or Michael Tellinger in his interviews on “Contributionism.”

But what if you could implement the “rational” purpose for money while eliminating its irrational purpose? Big Brother would have to step forward out of the shadows and make his presence known. And his new job would be to keep the accounts. A system of ethics would have to be put in place to deal with persons who chronically fell into the minus.

— The discussion beyond this point in the original post is not considered important enough to retain —
— Larry 27 June 2018 —


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