What If #1: No Money

What if nothing cost anything?

We take money for granted. But what purpose does it really serve?
1) It helps us keep accounts.
2) It is used to exclude people from society.

Purpose 1 is useful; possibly essential. Purpose 2 is a major 3rd dynamic aberration.

Could a society “work” without using money?

Animal societies have been getting along without money for aeons. But we aren’t “mere animals’ are we?

Well, what about the distant planet of Iarga? Dutch businessman, “Stefan Denaerde” (a pseudonym) relates in his book Contact from Planet Iarga that the civilization there runs without money. But with a social accounting system. Other contactees have reported similar social setups in other realms.

Here on earth, we only see such practices among those labelled “primitive.” In the West, it is only a dream dreamt by lonely idealists like Edward Bellamy in Looking Backward (1888) or Michael Tellinger in his interviews on “Contributionism.”

But what if you could implement the “rational” purpose for money while eliminating its irrational purpose? Big Brother would have to step forward out of the shadows and make his presence known. And his new job would be to keep the accounts. A system of ethics would have to be put in place to deal with persons who chronically fell into the minus.

Yes, to keep accounts without using money would – I suppose – require a huge computer system. But what do you expect in a meat body society? Total, unlimited freedom? If you want that, become a Scientologist and put your shoulder to the wheel! Meanwhile we have to find a viable way to cope.


With a computer system instead of greenbacks, you could evaluate transactions on the basis of pure energy exchange rather than on a system based on market prices, which is highly imperfect. One realization that might quickly arise is that our whole planet is in the minus! We take all that energy from the sun, and what do we give back for it? Do our works on this planet really balance the original work done to make life here possible in the first place? It could be we have a universal debt already on our books!

Universal ID

According to several channeled sources, we are already each being tracked individually by the greater powers that rule this sector. I don’t doubt that this is true. But since they seem to be keeping this system to themselves, we will need ID “cards” to enter data into our own system. Until the technology of reading a being’s aural “fingerprint” is a little more mature, we will probably have to rely on something like Sound Transit’s Orca Card. All you have to do is tap it and you can get on the bus or train without paying!

Do I really need to CSW for that?

Hey if you don’t know what a CSW (Completed Staff Work) is by now, you need to get hip! The question is: where do we draw the line? I would say between “necessities” and “luxury items.” This would be a matter for public policy decisions in our Brave New World. (I really am not being facetious, but I can’t ignore the parallels between this idea and old stories about the ultimate fascism.) So if I as a single male wanted to live in a villa in Northern Italy, I would have to convince at least the existing owner that I was the right guy to move in next, and of course I would be expected to keep it in excellent condition.


This world wouldn’t run without a sense of ethics. But for a moneyless society to really work, you would also need a workable ethics system in place. The current system of “justice” is a total joke. I’m not sure how to make one that would be guaranteed to stay honest on this planet, but LRH’s Ethics Tech would be a good place to start.

The computer system would generate reports on people who were getting very minus in their energy accounts, and also the ones who were very plus. There would be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ethics “upstats” publicly commended for all to pat on the back and consider for our more challenging positions of responsibility.

And likewise, the ethics “downstats” would be published on a similar schedule. And it would be the job of the local Ethics Officer to go out and see the downstats and try to persuade them to apply the correct formula to improve their condition.


What would a society be like where people were judged on the basis of how much energy they gave back for what they used? How would we assign energy values to things like art and entertainment? Or new ideas? Well, we do now – for better or for worse. So I’m sure we could figure something out. And I bet a lot of our creative people would get lots of commendations for being upstat!

Would this system abolish poverty, crime and war? I’m not sure. It probably could.

The huge question is: How hard are people willing to work for a real place in society, where they will be judged by their contributions versus their requirements, and not by the amount of money in their bank accounts?

Would banking as we know it end? Yes (sniff)! But there would still be lots of work for people who like to keep accounts!

I think that people, knowing their basic needs would at least be guaranteed, would continue to pitch in and work hard to make things function. Most people love work. And those who don’t would finally be confronted by the truth. If there really weren’t enough jobs to go around, what would that mean? I’m not sure what it would mean. But at least you would know you wouldn’t die in the streets waiting for someone to correct the situation.

Would the world grind to a halt as a result of sloth? Well, isn’t that what it’s in the process of doing? And we have more money in the economy than we have ever had, so money must not be the solution.

Willingness to contribute is the solution. And I think enough people have that to make the world run in spite of just about anything.


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