ITC280 – continue re-org, upload, test

I have spent roughly 10 hours since the last post getting my pages ready to upload to zephyr.

I spent a lot of time re-working the page list spreadsheet (in Open Office). I still don’t find the format totally satisfactory but it’s getting better. Where a specific include goes with a specific public page, it is listed on the same line with the page, and their purpose is described on one line. I also added a location column to keep track of paths.

I edited all my local pages for the zephyr path names. I don’t have different pages for use at home now. I just put both paths on the same page and comment the unneeded one out. Editing the paths for the Rich Text Editor is a real pain in the butt, though, and it doesn’t work yet, either at home or at school.

The first_data and admin_reset pages worked on zephyr after tweaking database names. MySQL at home seems to be set to ignore capital letters in table names (makes them small letters) so I’ll have to see if this solves anything at home with these pages.

Everything else seemed to be working, but I didn’t test uploading on zephyr, just at home, where it worked.

Also note that I don’t yet have a “contact us” form, though it is a link on my left sidebar. The right sidebar is just text at this point, while the left side is set up to send a query string to art_choice.php. This shows the top page fine, but if there are other pages they come up blank and error messages complain about a bad data array or somethnig like that.

There is a lot of code on the site now, and a lot of pages. Much of it was provided to us by Bill. I did work from home for this most recent upload and test. Zephyr is a public server and is available to anyone. The uploads require a secure FTP client (WinSCP in my case) but anyone can look at the public pages with a browser.

One Response to “ITC280 – continue re-org, upload, test”

  1. Bill Says:


    You’re doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work!!


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