ITC280 – Adding more features, better org.

I have not been keeping up this blog!

I have worked several hours on developing alternative search methods for large databases.  I created a database of 10,000 categories. I then created a grid – a table with 9 cells with a table with nine cells in each cell. These are to hold the category names at different levels of category in a certain pattern. I got a way of mapping the query results into the cells for controlled queries containing exactly 81 results (9×9).

Then I went back to the main application and got it fully organized and somewhat smoothed out then started working on passing query data from the left sidebar into the “list” page.

The organizing involved boiling down every public page that generates HTML (some don’t – only do redirects) into a little top section of notes and parameter selections and a little bottom section of includes.

Most of the public pages follow this exact pattern.

The path of the first include, the configuration include, has to be adjusted depending on your installation. This is a pain if you are testing the pages on more than one installation. Then the configuration file sets all the other default paths so you have to edit that file for different installations.

The connect include contains your user name and password for your database (in plain text!). This also has to be edited for each different installation (if it is different).

All the rest of the code and content generation is done in the includes (the php includes). This is a very regular pattern to adhere to.  So you do almost all you fiddling in the includes. TIME FOR CLASS!

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