ITC280 – repurposing

Spent about 4 hours repurposing the system to list and view my art items instead of muffins.

  • Create artitems table on zephyr using phpMinAdmin.
  • Get list and view pages working at home (as includes).
  • Rename the thumbnail art images (I called them farts) so the logic will pick them up.
  • Put all the changed files on zephyr and get them working there.
  • Update my files list spreadsheet.

How simple you want your public pages to be depends a lot on how much code you want to write.

In theory you can have just one public page for each major theme in the site (there might only be one) and then fill in all the content dynamically from includes. In practice you will probably have some relatively static public pages that just get linked to from the site. They would probably open in a new browser window.

The idea of passing the ID of a chosen link back to the server via the GET array is weird to me.  But in http, the page request is the main way the client has to communicate to the server, so it is taken advantage of. Normally, I would think of sending all data that does not have to do with viewing a new page as a POST to the server. But what is the server going to do with it? It wouldn’t normally store your data anywhere, unless it is creating an account for you in its database.  Most of the data you send it must be acted on immediately or lost. It’s not like a phone call where you keep the caller’s attention until you both hang up. I’d like to make that distinction more obvious in a site. I don’t like technology that looks like it’s doing one thing while it’s really doing something else.


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