Friday the 24th

Just a few notes here:

After struggling most of the day to get some flavor of Linx to install on the old Dell that I picked up for free, I went off about dinner time to a Scientology event near Seattle Center.

The event was cool, as usual, but towards the end a girl who is a staff member wanted to read a special message from her mom. Her brother had a bad case of asthma and nightmares for a long time. The mom knew it could probably be handled in auditing but was a little unsure of herself on exactly what to do. A week ago a new set of DVD’s giving a very clear visual explanation of all the major aspects of Dianetics was released. This lady and her son started watching them together. She reported that she felt a lot more confident about using that tech, but what happened was that the visuals restimulated her son into the incident he was stuck in, which was a former death (Civil War). She sat down with him right there and ran it out. The kid had a cognition and got rid of his asthma and his nightmares. It looks like a good solid gain – the symptoms haven’t re-appeared yet. It is rare to get this kind of gain from just one session, but gains of this type are rather typical after a few sessions.

What freaked me out a little is that I had recently seen a little TV feature on the internet about another 10 year old boy who was stuck in a past death. However, in this case, it was only one lifetime previous, and there were friends and relatives of the dead airman still alive. His parents were, atypically, willing to listen to his story, and they found out who the guy was (same first name as the kid) and had him meet the living relatives. He knew all sorts of personal things about them – their nicknames and all sorts of other stuff. Then they went to Japan where his plane crashed (WWII) and threw flowers in the sea for him. It was very emotional. After stories like these, you’d think more people would catch on to what’s really going on!

When I was walking home after the event, about 10pm, I was thinking about U2’s song “Stuck in a Moment. ” I wondered where they got the idea for it. It describes the mental mechanism treated by Dianetics very well!

Then, about 10:15 as I was approaching Denny Park, a group of bike riders collected at a street light. They reminded me of a 4th of July back in Ann Arbor, about 1966, when the whole family rode bikes across town to the park where they were showing the fireworks. As these bike riders went by I could see that they weren’t wearing any clothes! It wasn’t until I got home that I found out about the naked bike rides that are a little tradition up in these parts. Very tribal.

As I walked past Denny Park I was reminded of a warm summer night I had spent with my girlfriend Susan in my old hometown of Kensington. A very pleasant experience.


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