To Bill

Bill: I don’t have a hosting company; I have a server installed locally. So it was just an oversight on my part. After the first 2 hours I went into php.ini and turned on error reporting. I have had several opportunities to use it since that time, and also on zephyr.

However, my local host is not set up as a real public server, so it has no public_html folder and doesn’t mind be browsing into the root directory of the server. I added a public_html folder on my servcer to match zephyr, but my server let me put serveral other folders (includes and images) in the “private” area without any complaints.

On zephyr, however, I could not get any html-generated call to reach a file that was not in the public_html folder. I hope this is the way it is really supposed to work. So I had to modify my setup to put the images and css includes up in the public folder. The php includes work okay in the “private” area.

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