ITC280 – more work

I spent about 7 hours Saturday creating styled forms for my left and right panes based on example code taken from the Liz Castro text web site.

These are basically non-dynamic pages at this time.

I worked out a basic plan for what should appear in these two panes and how it should work.

I also used irfanview to make thumbnails of my image files.

Then I used the instructions from the text to make my first table and add two records.

At this point it’s a cute, patchwork, useless site, but I’m a bit excited because I don’t get a chance to work with my old art very much and it reminds me of what I was thinking and what I was aware of when I was young.


Last night I went to a Scientology event. They are showing the summer “Maiden Voyage” events around the planet at this time.

The church is trying to raise donations from its members to replace all the major urban service organization buildings with  larger, renovated, better-located buildings.

Earlier this year Celebrity Center Memphis got finished.

Seattle is planned to be finished this year.

This expansion push has been hard on many members, as they are trying to pay for their own services plus being asked to finance these buildings. In every area there are a few exceptional members who contribure huge amounts, but everybody is asked to help, and most do donate something. At every event they have a fundraising rally after the event has been shown. And the speakers and major contributors always emphaize something that they have found to be true: you will do well if you stay “on purpose.”

Many beings are confused about or have lost interest in purpose. Some can identify several strong purposes they have that seem to conflict. But if a being can identify a pro-survival purpose that is important to him or her, and get on it and stay on it, this datum will begin to operate.

For example, I had two stronger periods in my life. One when I was a young teenager and one when I was abut 25.  During both those periods I was involved in performing groups. This was actually a major purpose for me. I had a hard time staying on it because I lacked training in it, but when I did things would go better for me.

I also loved to make art. But I was hampered by various factors, and didn’t choose it as my life’s work. I probably should have done so, as I am willing to spend countless hours at art-related work while other tasks go neglected. I hope to find an opportunity to give myself another chance in this direction.

In any case, it is worth heeding this lesson. Most people don’t actually have a deep, abiding purpose to “make a lot of money so I can retire and travel to Europe.” Most people, when they think about it, can recognize more far-reaching puposes in their lives. The best purpose is not necessarily the most practical one. It is the one that lights up your life. If you see someone doing quite well and wonder why you aren’t operating at their level, you might want to consider this subject of purpose.


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