On-site audio no. 2

My free-audio-on-a-free-site exploration continues.

On this site it costs extra. On most other free sites you have to find a host for your audio and link to it. You then use the embed tag, frowned-upon but not easily put to rest. But EMBED doesn’t work with MySpace. BUT on MySpace you can include a playlist on your site and link to the MySpace library of music albums. If the visitor wants the tune or album, they have to pay for it at amazon or whereever. You can also link to videos on MySpace, which you can also do at Squidoo, I beleive.

Facebook is much more restricted. I don’t think they have music at all, and the video has to be your own, and under 2 minutes long.

On a recommendation from a “how-to” blog, I found soundcloud.

I think soundcloud is a site that should be supported. They have a free service, and better services for money. You can have a whole collection of tracks on your site and people can visit and listen to them if you make them public, or musicians who are working together can set it so only they can see the tracks.

Each track has a cool waveform graphic and a cursor, like an audio editor. I uploaded my little Dr. John clave sample there.

You have to be careful what you upload. It’s the whole issue of who owns and controls the song, even if it’s digitized. I figure one or 2-bar samples shouldn’t be a big problem.

By I like the MySpace solution, too. If you have the bandwidth in your internet connection it’s a great way to share music you like with other peole, or for instructional purposes.

I have two songs up so far. I have Dr. John playing Iko Iko live, and I have Tom Jobim doing his English version of Waters Of March. I might upload more versions of both songs. I wonder if I should add another song. These two I have chosen are very, very special. If I add another I want it to be another song that is theta and that a lot of other artists have covered.


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