ITC280 – basic files uploaded

The impetus for starting this blog came from Bill Newman’s Web class (ITC280) at Seattle Central.

I’m supposed to use it to post notes on my progress on my project.

Earlier today I uploaded a basic set of folders and files to our school server – the first step.
I also updated my URL on his class site.

Other work I’m doing includes the following (sorry URL’s not immediately available):

Tom Bearden on Scalar Electromagnetics and its implications for our concept of consciousness. (His site is named “chenier” after Lake Chenier, Louisiana, where he grew up.)

Daniel Kirchmann on Luxon theory and Time. All mass results from the momentum generated by the motion of massless particles (like photons)! Time is not symmetrical like space and should not be treated like space in our mathematical models.

Robert Lanza on Biocentrism. A new theory on the relationship of the physical universe to the Life Force!


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